Wood Frame Orangeries

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Wood Frame Orangeries

Our wood frame orangeries are an excellent choice if you require the light and spacious feeling of a conservatory, but also want the warmth and solid structure of a brick extension.

The Timber Framework

Wood Frame Orangeries are made out of Glulam (Glue laminated timber) beams, generally 200x200mm2 min diameter and these make up the solid structure of the orangery. We use Glulam beams because they can span large distances, with a tremendous load making them ideal for timber frame construction.


We have designed our orangery systems this way for a number of reasons:

Better Insulation Values

Wood is a natural insulator and combined with the 100mm foil backed insulation board which we use in our wall panels it is a great way of keeping energy prices low.

It is also possible to upgrade your insulation density should you require it.

Energy Efficiency

Custom Design

Speed and Efficiency

As most of our customers have told us, the worst part of having construction work done at their homes is the mess and the disruption to day to day life.

With this in mind, once the orangery base has been laid and the brickwork built up to damp course, the floor panels, Gluelam structure, wall panels and roof can be erected within a couple of days, minimising disruption and finishing the build more efficiently.


We have designed and manufactured our orangeries for people who want an extra usable room in their house all year round. Our prices will not be beaten on similar comparison orangeries!

Each orangery is bespoke and we offer a full design and build service which deals with everything from start to finish.

  • Full survey and design service.
  • Fully insured tradesman and public liability cover.
  • Previous client portfolio for peace of mind.
Value For Money

Frame Detail

The Walls

The walls of the orangery are made from insulated wood frame panels, which are prefabricated to your own design, and insulated to meet building regulation requirements.

Roof Covering

A popular choice of roof covering for our orangery roofs are ‘Firestone Rubber Roofs’. The single ply rubber membrane is far superior than its predecessors, offering a life expectancy of up to 50 years. Very little to no maintenance once it has been installed correctly.

The rubber membrane comes in sheets up to 6.10m long, although most of our orangery roofs can be fitted using one single sheet without the use of any field seaming. Great resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as UV radiation and resistance to Ozone.

Firestone Roofing

Custom Design

UPVC Doors, Windows & Lanterns

We sell a large variety of doors, windows and lanterns which include White, Anthracite Grey, Rosewood, Irish Oak (very popular with our orangeries) and Light Oak along with many more different colours.

Our prices are extremely competitive and we have a very strong client base of customers who have solely bought doors, windows & lanterns from us because of our competitive pricing.

Please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email should you wish to replace any of your windows/doors and we will be happy to discuss with you your requirements.

We are proud members of the Federation of Master Builders. Please see www.FMB.org.uk for more information.

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