Trade / Self Build

Builders, we can save you money…

By using one of our Timber Frame Extension kits, we will save you money through our tried and tested process:

1. Once the footings, brick & block work have been laid up to damp course you can erect the timberframe floor, wall and ceiling panels.

2. Whilst the Timber Frame Extension kit is being erected, the brick layer can start on the exterior brick work. Traditionally, the internal walls would be made of blocks (Celcon/Thermalite) and mortar and the contractor would have to wait for the mortar to set and only be able to build up to a certain height because of the instability of the blocks.

3. Our insulated floor panels sit on top of the internal blocks and slot together giving you a stable, insulated suspended floor which conforms to all building regulations for structure and insulation requirements.

Using this method there is no need for:

  • wheel barrowing hardcore round into the extension
  • whacker plating, sand blinding and polythening
  • concreting and screeding
  • waiting for the building inspector.

4. Our wall panels are fixed to the wall plate and sole plate, with a vertical damp course running up the wall of the existing building. The great advantage of using our wall panels are that the external brick work can go up at the same time as the inner skin walls, with no waiting time for the mortar to set. Even if the weather is bad i.e. rain, snow or freezing temperatures this will not hold up the build, due to the lack of mortar used internally.

5. Once the wall panels have been erected, the roof panels can be fitted. The roof panels make up a breathable vented roof, with a built in fall ready for the felt roofers to waterproof and cover.

• Digging the footings and building up to damp course will be exactly the same as building the extension the traditional way. The difference is, because the erection time of the floor, walls and roof panels can be done in a day (or for a novice a day and a half).

• The average time to build a 4×3.6m flat roof extension is 12 days (as shown on our graph) and that includes electrics, plumbing, plastering and decorating. Traditionally, you could add at least another week on to the build time when using blocks and mortar.

• With all Timber Frame Extensions we offer a survey and design package which includes putting in planning applications (if needed) and building regulation submissions.

• Setting out drawings are provided, and we also offer an on-site setting out & levelling service within the price of the timber frame kit.

• Structural timbers are calculated by an engineer and are treated and kiln dried.

• Structural calculations are provided to enable approval by the local authority Building Control Department.

• All projects are unique and we are able to manufacture kits to all shapes and sizes and with pitched and flat roofs if required.