Step by Step Kit Guide

Step by Step Kit Guide

Our timber frame kits consist of insulated timber frame panels which make up the internal walls, floor and roof of your extension.

Step 1: Dig foundations and concrete.

Step 2: Using concrete blocks build up to damp course.

Step 3: Fix together floor, walls and roof panels as supplied with timber frame extension kits.

Step 4: Fit doors, windows and waterproof covering to roof.

Step 5: Start brickwork to external walls whilst electrics, plumbing and plastering are being completed inside.

Step 6: Put flat roof on and felt, or tile if you are having a pitch roof.

Step 7: Knock through opening to existing building and decorate.

As you can see from this our installation guide our extension kits are a great way of saving money if you are thinking of adding an extension to your house.  Our kits will save you money.  They are ideal if you are a keen DIY enthusiast because of the simplicity of them.  The panels come in manageable sizes so there is no need for cranes or other lifting equipment.

Our self build timber frame kits are also very popular with builders and construction firms because of the speed with which you can turn round an extension from start to finish.  Once the foundations have been made the timber frame kit can be erected within a couple of days, then the external brickwork can commence as well as the internal work, all at the same time.  If the same project was to be done the conventional way, you would have to wait for the external walls to be built and the mortar to dry; before you could start the roof.  All of which could take a week or more depending on the weather.  Using one of our self build timber frame kits will you save time, money and labour.

Each kit consists of:

  • Erection instructions
  • Sole, head and wall plates
  • Insulated floor, wall and ceiling panels
  • Wall ties and fixings