Eco Build

Eco Build

Our timber frame buildings exceed all building regulation requirements with regards to thermal efficiency. Wood is a natural insulator, which makes our timber frame panels enhance the efficiency of the insulation we use. With both of these factors combined the timber frame house will heat up faster and more consistently, eliminating cold spots because of the highly insulated timber frame shell.

It is proven that a timber frame house takes less energy to build than a conventional house made out of blocks and mortar. There is an awful amount of energy used in making blocks and steels in a conventional build. Wood is a renewable building material and the wood used in our construction is sourced from well managed and maintained European forests. Every year more trees are planted than felled giving us a reliable and environmentally friendly material for building.

We have adapted our building methods to help facilitate the environment as well as giving our customers the best value for money initially and in the future.  Here are some of our Eco-friendly adaptations we currently use in our projects:

Air source heating pumps

Air source heating pumps absorb heat from outside which is then used for heating a building through under floor heating, radiators and hot water. An air source heating pump works in a similar way to a fridge. A fridge extracts its heat from the inside where as an ASHP extracts heat from the outside.

The benefits:

  • Fuel deliveries are no longer needed
  • The Government have initiated the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme which could provide you with an income for the amount of energy you have save over a year
  • Could lower your fuel bills if you are replacing electric, gas or oil heating.
  • It could lower you homes carbon emissions.
Air Source Heat Pump

Solar PV Panels

Solar PV panels allow you to generate free electricity. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels will lower your electricity bills by harnessing the suns energy and transferring it to electricity for your home.

The benefits:

  • The government has introduced ‘Feed In’ tariffs which effectively pays the owner of the property for the energy they generate.
  • Solar panels don’t release harmful carbon emissions into the environment unlike some sources of energy.
  • It reduces the environmental strain on fossil fuels.
Solar Panel Roof

Rain Water Harvesting System

Rainwater is collected from the roof of the building via guttering and pipes and stored in a storage tank usually buried under the ground. The tank will have a filter in it which removes leaves, debris and other contaminants. Once the water is filtered the water can be pumped to the header tank or appliances round the house. The tank will have a float in it which will fill the tank up from the mains water if the level is low.

The benefits:

  • A reduction in your mains water costs.
  • Rain water collection eliminates the use of chemicals used in purifying water, for example if you are watering your garden or washing your car chemicals are not needed.
  • Reduces carbon emissions used in the pumping of mains water.
Storm Bank

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned methods please contact us for more information.